Technical Skills


C++, C, Obj-C

Python, Javascript / TypeScript, HTML/CSS/SASS, Java

C#, Rust

Selected Libraries, Frameworks, & Tools:

Git, CMake, OpenGL (ES), Cocos2d-x, Cocoa, SDL2, Django, Phaser

Unity, jQuery, Blender

Qt, NodeJS, Gulp, Grunt, Unreal 4


Programmer, Founder

Wefiends Inc, Durham, NC - 2010-Present

Lead the development of a variety of game titles for mobile and desktop platforms. (Selected projects below)


iOS/Android (2016) - C++, Java

Implemented the theta-star pathfinding algorithm with caching and fixed memory allocation. This allowed natural looking paths on an 80x80 grid to be generated in 1ms or less on previous generation mobile devices.


Windows/Mac/iOS/Android (2015) - C++, C, Java

Used an entity-component approach to create complex enemy behaviors by combining simple finite state-machines. Developed a UDP-based peer-to-peer networking subsystem to power the game’s racing mode, featuring client-side prediction and shared authority between peers.

Hunger Crunch (for nonprofit Rice Bowls)

Web (2013) - Obj-C, C, AS3

Developed a Cocoa and OpenGL based level and data editor, featuring drag and drop object placement, automatic asset packaging, and parameter editing. This web-based freemium title was developed with the team at Rice Bowls as an awareness and fundraising tool.

Sushi Boy Thunder

iOS / Mac (2011) - Obj-C

Wrote scripts (JS) that allowed Photoshop layouts to be exported directly into the asset pipeline. This, along with reuse of existing subsystems and content processing tools from Sushi Boy, allowed this freemium title to spend only 6 weeks in development, from concept to release.

Sushi Boy

iOS / Mac (2010) - Obj-C

Developed a system to discover and dynamically load hundreds of content bundles from local and network sources, allowing content teams to rapidly deploy content without code changes.

Independent Projects

Little Infinity

Unity 5 (2017) - C#

Created in 72 hours for the 38th Ludum Dare game jam. In keeping with the "Small World" theme for this jam, the game's core mechanic is a mainstay of early console games, edge warp.


California State University Long Beach - 153 Credits towards B.S. in Biology



English (Native)

Spanish (Native)